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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  March 31, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kristen berset for "sports unlimited". >> the orioles open the regular season on tuesday night. against the tampa barres in saint pete. here is jennifer gilbert and jeff barnd with the "late edition". >> protection for those that fight back against crime. how it could keep them out of legal trouble. >> new way to screen baggage at bwi thurgood marshall airport. why it could speed things up for air travel. >> and the competition takes over the historic senator theater who has dropped out of the bidding? >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. new measure could very well make criminals think twice before breaking into somebody's house. >> this week, maryland senators passed a bill that would protect victims that use deadly force, to defend themselves.
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myranda stephens is live in north baltimore with more on what the proposed legislation would. do myranda? >> jennifer and jeff, under current maryland law, people that use deadly force, to defend themselves, against intrude trieders could go from being a victim to a defendant. but a new bill hopes to change that. the legislation said a person can use lethal force in an attack at their home or business, if the amount and nature of the force, is reasonable. dan hartman supports the measure. last year he shot an armed robber that held up his charles village computer store. the suspect survived but hartman said the next robber may not be so lucky. >> you should be able to protect your home, business, your life. and not fear prosecution civil or criminal. >> and the bill passed through the senate on monday. overwhelmingly by 45-2 vote. and it now goes to the house of
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delegates for consideration. we're live in north baltimore. myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> police are currently on the scene of a shootning west baltimore. 17-year-old male was shot in the face in the 2700 block of harlem avenue before 3:30 this afternoon. the teen was taken to shock trauma. >> new details tonight in the drive-by shooting that killed four people in washington, d.c. on tuesday. police say two men, and a 14-year-old boy, are now charged with first-degree murder. at least nine people were shot in southeast washington. and investigators say the crowd sprayed with bullets had just come from a funeral of a slain man. they believe that murder and tuesday's shooting are connected. >> former mta worker sentenced to two years for stealing $400,000 from bus fare boxes, 36-year-old david patawe has to pay back the money. prosecutors say he used the stolen cash to buy a second home
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and a lincoln navigator. >> a former baltimore public works worker pleads guilty to stealing 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel from the city of baltimore. maurice spoon was caught last year and reselling the gas for a year and a half. expected to be sentenced in july. >> governor o'malley said he welcomes the idea of a rematch with former governor ehrlich. ehrlich discussed his plans to run again yesterday with fox 45 news. and he said voters are fed up with the current economic i climate and maryland high unemployment rate. and o'malley said he is focusing on future and doing mortar create jobs. >> this needs to be about the future of the working people of our state. and choices we need to make in order to get our state out of this resession into better times. >>well, the state is facing a $2 billion deficit. >> that brings us to the question of the day. who is getting your vote for governor? 76 percent of you say rob ehrlich.
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24 percent say o'malley. tim writes on facebook, i am a democrat and a business owner. o'malley has squeezed the last time from me. i want ehrlich. but kevin writes, i will vote for o'malley. because, i think, he can change maryland for the better. >> tempers flare in the statehouse today. as state delegate tries to impeach doug gansler, afghansler's opinion recognizing same sex marriages performed in other states. don dwyer introduced the bill calling for gansler to be outed. he said the attorney general over stepped his authority. instead of having the issue debated by the full house, delegates debated to have the in committee. >> i am asking doess the constitution supercede the rules of the house or vice-versa. >> constitution would. >> then under article three, section 26, i insist that a vote be put on that board, under the authority of the charge of impeachment. >> what about the validity of
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the petition? what about the bases of the charges. >> that's the reason we have roll call. >> this should not be a dictatorship of who has the loudest voice who has the most extreme view. >> house judiciary committee voted to reject the resolution. >> state senators are discussing a bill to require retail employers to give workers mandatory shift breaks. the measure would apply to retail businesses with 50 or more workers, in one location. except restaurants. and employees working between 4 and 6 hours would receive a 15 minute break. more than six would get 30 minutes. critics said the state should not be creating new regulations for businesses. in a bad economy. >> western maryland state lawmakers are asking the department of natural resources to suspend a ban on alcoholic beverages,? in state forests that began this year. they say it could hurt private businesses and state revenues, generated by hunting licenses and recreational fees.
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the dnr said it aims to ban alcohol in all public lands because excessive drinking is behind most of the disturbances. >> portions of druid hill park get an upgrade. through a partnership between the city and the parks and people foundation. it will rehabilitate 9 acres of the park. >> we are really interested in preventing public health and parks are a wonderful way to do that. giving communities access to recreation trails, these amenities is critical. >> the project takes place near mondomnon monmall. is it starts at the end of the year. >> today was beautiful. >> and it will be better. and that's wonderful and you put your winter coat away. >> i did. >> i was about to say fur but it wasn't. >> no karen parks has the fur coat. >> you have the heavy one. >> yes. i put the heavy one away. and cranking up the heat. tapping into the 80s by the end of the work week.
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today was not a bad day today. 71 degrees outside. today was the high temperature. 12 degrees above normal. you can see sky watch radar. is getting a dry sweep across the state of maryland. that's how things will stay. overnight tonight. but it will allow the clear skies. allow for temperatures to drop down to the 40s. so when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be chilly out there. 41 degrees. but warming up to 60 by the lunch hour and tapping into the 70s. tell you how warm by the end of the work week. coming up. >> thank you. >> h1n1 is on the rebound again. outbreaks are reported in several southern states. and in baltimore a small surge in the number of cases has been detected and h1n1 vaccination clinic today at the franciscan center there was a steady stream of people there. experts say h1n1 is a serious concern in maryland. >> we have been noticing in the past two weeks, anecdotally again, because they have not been cultured. noticing that there has been an
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up tick in some reports. in the state of maryland, there is still, indeed, is h1n1 activity. >> for more information on upcoming h1n1 clinics, log onto >> the carroll county school district has a new superintendent this evening. stephen gutherie replacing charles eker. made at a meeting this morning. gutherie brings 30 years of experience to the post. and his first day on the job will be july 1st. >> airtran passengers flying out of bwi thurgood marshall airport are being checked by a new inline baggage screening system. $39 million project took two years to complete. it will help airtran expand and handle more passengers. and their additional baggage. eight tran is the second largest and fastest growing airline at bwi thurgood marshall airport. and jet blue, expands service to ronald reagan washington
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national airport in november. it will initially offer, at least, adi parachors from reagan to eastcoast cities. airline already operates at bwi thurgood marshall airport and dulles. >> offshore, on the atlantic ocean, is as much a part of the chesapeake bay as what we see here behind me. >> concerns for one of maryland's most prized wildlife. as president obama proposes opening up offshore drilling in the atlantic. >> the incredible show of support for the father of a fallen marine, battling an anti-gay church. who would foot the bill for the court fees? >> mishap with a live g if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker.
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>> president obama proposes reversing a portion of a 20 year ban on offshore drilling. the announcement is part of a larger effort to reduce dependency on foreign oil. craig boswell reports, critics are questioning the timing of the announcement and said it does not go far enough. >> president obama proposed offshore drilling plan expanding oil exploration. >> we have to make tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development. in ways that protect communities and coastlines. >> it allows new oil drilling off virginia coast line and
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could place oil and natural gas platforms in the eastern gulf of mexico and portion of alaska. plan cancels proposed oil leases in brystol way and leaves in place a moratorium on westcoast drilling. public analysts argue it would be years before it produces a barrel of oil. >> what the president announced was a stud. >> several environmental groups angry and democrats. lautenberg issued a statement saying given big oil more access to the nation's waters is a kill baby kill policy. threatens to kill jobs, marine life and coastal towns that need it. others say it is a step flight direction. president is looking for g.o.p. support for the energy package stalled in congress. >> he did not go into it looking at what the political coalition would be. getting this past. he went into this thinking what's the best policy for the country and how do we get it done. >> president called for stepped up transition to energy and
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announced hybrid cars to the federal fleet. tomorrow epa announces new clean air rules around emissions. >> well, the chesapeake bay foundation said the proposed offshore drilling will hurt our blue crab population. the chesapeake watershed runs 8000 square miles. and 90 percent of female crabs spawn at the mouth of the bay. and norfolk and virginia beach. the foundation's president will baker said a spill could destroy a entire year of newborn crab. >> we realize that more domestic sources of oil are in the national best interest. domestic energy is important. but this offshore area is exactly where a whole new industry of offshore wind farms has been planned. that's clean energy. 21st century sources of energy. let's go after that. >> well, on his blog today, governor o'malley referred to a letter he wrote last year.
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which said "maryland does not support oil and gas activities off the coast of maryland during this 2010, 2015 planning cycle." the governor added the state could reconsider the position in the future. >> well, work has begun on maryland's first commercial wind farm. consists of 28 turbines, on top of back bone mountain. crews began to survey and clearing timber from deer park. company expects the project to generate electricity by the end of the year. >> afternoon accusations that the baltimore council president does not live in baltimore. he set the record straight. taking reports on a tour of the home. listed aus his residents. he spends time at a second home around the corner. for safety purposes he never wand this address known and know, i have been threatened as a council person, dealings with drugs in the neighborhood. i have been threaten.
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i don't want people to know where i am. they are both in my district in the city of baltimore. should be no question. at all. none. >> young believes questions about his official residence are politically motivated. >> overwhelming show of support for a father of a marine killed in iraq, after the court order the father to pay the anti-gay children has been battling in court. albert snyder of york pennsylvania is suing westboro baptist church. members of the church picketed the funeral of his son. and supreme court will hear the argument. and appeals court ordered snyder to pay $16,000 in appeal costs, to the founder of the church. well bill o'reilly from fox news is outraged by this. >> i will pay mr. snyder's obligation. i am not going to let this injustice stand. it is obvious those cranks at westboro were intentionally trying to hurt mr. snideer and his family.
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>> this is not a democratic thing. this is not a republican thing. this is not a tea party thing. this is a country thing. and it is the one thing that, i think, right now people can come together on. >> snyder said he has received about 3000 e-mails from people who are willing to contribute. >> towson university has withdrawn its bid for baltimore's historic senator theater. university had planned to turn the theater into a radio studio and performing arts center. leaves the owner of the charles theater lone bidder. the development corporation decision could come as early as april 22. >> nature is having no mers owe the northeast of new england. pounding rain leaves part of the region under water tonight. rhode island got the brunt of it. providence now looks in many spots more like rivers. rainfall also reached record levels in the states of new
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jersey and new york. in the bay state of massachusetts, many residents were evacuated. >> well fortunately none that have in our forecast. we have an amazing weekend ahead of us. meteorologist jessica starr is back with all the details. >> hi jennifer. today was a taste of what is good to come. by the end of the work week. today were in the 70s. and sitting comfortably at 65 degrees. at the inner harbour. under clear skies. and winds light at 3 miles per hour. and temperatures will drop tonight with the clear skies. into the 40s. so when you wake up tomorrow, it will be chilly. temperatures rebound quite nicely hours. for right now, 65 in baltimore. 52 in harrisburg. 53 in pittsburg and 57 in cleveland. so we will continue with the mild air mass, and temperatures will continue to stay above normal. and almost by the end of the work week, we will be close to 20 degrees above normal for this time of year. on sky watch radar. you can see a couple of clouds around. and otherwise, clear conditions
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overnight tonight. and then sunny conditions for the daytime tomorrow for thursday into friday. and really most of the united states is dealing with warm air mass, as the jet stream rides all the way to the north. bringing in this warm air mass from mexico into our region. so temperatures will climb by the end of the work week. so we have the low system that brought rain showers and clouds. that moves out. and high pressure is moving in. and takes control of our weather. dry conditions, and very tranquil conditions for the next couple of days here. not really all too much to talk about. warmer conditions though tapping into the 80s by the end of the work week. there is a cold front though with rain showers, and some embedded thunderstorms by friday. that cold front will not make it in our direction until easter. and when it does it will be more or less a dry cold front. going to bring clouds to our region. so for tomorrow, thursday, another beautiful fabulous day. filled with sunshine. and a couple of puffy cumulus clouds.
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and 75, mild conditions, winds shifting to the southwest. next five days are nice. 80 degrees for friday. ample amount of sunshine. saturday, 81. and sunday, 76 on sunday, with couple of clouds with the dry cold front. and 76 next monday. that's the five-day forecast. i will have the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jessica. >> close call. this is for a chinese military recruit. it is all caught on tape. he throws a live grenade out of the bunker hits the wall, bounces back in. set to explode in 3.5 seconds. and well his quick thinking trainer saved the day. he managed to pull the man behind a wall, just before that explosion. >> the orioles pitching is a lot like that. not ready for the regular
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put them to your own test. >> we begin in sarasota. where it is not been a good week for oriole pitching. giving up 11 runs monday, 10 more yesterday. and today, it was worse. the red sox just pounded the baltimore orioles. top of the first. roberts shows no signs of a back injury. makes the diving stop on youkilis. throws him out. to end the inning. and leading off the bottom half. roberts punches it down first baseline. thinking two all the way. makes the turn at first. slides in to beat the pro from jd drew. lester with a start for the sox.
11:24 pm
here, he gets miguel tajeda swinging to end the first. lester gave up one run in seven innings of work. today was the martinez show. facing burk en. and clobbers it overtime right field wall. burk engave up five runs. and boston leads. and top of the fourth. jim johnson faces martinez with bases loaded. anighlates it. and felix watches it bounce off. second homer of the day. red sox pound the orioles. 14-2. >> meanwhile change in the line up for opening day. that guy, felix peia in left field. reimold has a achilles injury. and peia is taking advantage. this spring splendid hitting 393 with two home runs and 2 stolen bases. to the nfl. we will have to wait longer for
11:25 pm
the ravens to see the schedule of the orioles. we know who they will play in the preseason. that information was released today. open up in front of the entire nation. ravens host the panthers on thursday august 12. espn tell advises it live. and week two, makes the short trip to andover. >> regular season schedule as we mentioned will be release around around april 13.
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>> we are all going to like the seven-day forecast. thursday, 75 degrees. sunshine. then tapping into the 80s both
11:28 pm
friday and saturday. and easter sunday looks nice. couple more clouds around. as the dry cold front pushes through. and more clouds than sun, sunday. and monday, tuesday, wednesday. dry. above normal. and temperatures in the mid 70s. that's the forecast. back to you guys. >> all right. jessica. thank you. that does it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. see you tomorrow night. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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